What is a Teleconference?

Teleconferencing is a very modern technology using which three or more people in different locations around the world can interact and discuss matters relating to business. It numerous advantages have been increasing since the 1960's when it was first introduced. 

  • It helps save up on travelling costs - Travelling on short notice can be a hassle too especially, when the locales you have to visit are in a different country.
  • It is fast and easy
  • It can be started almost instantly
  • It can be arranged minutes or hours before instead of weeks or months
  • It is affordable - With competition growing among teleconferencing service providers, the costs are reducing by the day and advantages offered are seeing a growth.
  • Meetings are shorter - They focus more on the problem at hand or some matter that needs urgent attention. As a result, a lot of time and expense is saved Climate and other environmental factors in the various locations communicating cannot affect the agenda of the meeting.
  • Timings and duration can be quite flexible and can be done from any region having a phone.
  • Recording teleconferences and sending copies of the interaction to people who could not attend is easy to achieve. 
Teleconferencing has revolutionized the way communication is being carried out in business organizations around the world. It has made interaction effective, quick, crisp and precise. Instead of dwelling on pleasantries and vague points, discussing key matters and their solutions has enabled growth. After the needs of the meeting and the level of familiarity of the group that is to interact is evaluated, teleconferencing can be preferred over face to face meeting. 
Exchanging information, discussing a plan of action or necessary business decisions has never been easier. With the advent of video conferencing combined with teleconferencing, the need for face to face meetings is being increasingly eliminated. The video conferences are as close to real communication as anything. 
Even though bargaining and negotiating is difficult over a teleconference session, still other types of business communication can be carried on in an effective manner. 
Teleconferencing is scheduled in real time which can be a problem for people living in different time zones. 
The advantages of teleconferencing far outweigh the disadvantages of face-to-face meetings. With the advent of superior quality technology, it has been a boon to the business world. Effective communication through teleconferencing has enabled faster outcomes and prompt action in dire situations thus saving a lot of time, money and has even enhanced the reputation of many business organizations.
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