Why use Greymouse Global?

We are not a large organisation and we are purely focused on communication services. We are committed to bringing you the service you require to operate your collaboration services.

I have seen lower prices on the Internet

We have an article on our blog about the US free conference bridges, about their reliability and who actually pays for the cost of the service. If you're matching prices between companies don't forget to include the cost of recording and downloading the recording. Some companies charge $20-$50 per conference recording - we offer it for FREE! Also some services advertise a rate that is only applicable in one capital city and have a higher rate from other cities. Some providers just have a single dial-in number for the whole country. It's important to include this in your calculation when pricing conference services.  If you find a better price, come to us with a competitors quote and we will match it.

Overseas Service Providers

When using overseas services you need to remember your costs when dialling the international numbers. This means your customers won't appreciate having to dial an international number to get on a conference with you. Also remember to consider the exchange rate.

Calls go over the Internet VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) rarely provides adequate sound quality for teleconferences. Providers like Skype have a maximum of 25 participants. These providers also require that everyone has the same software and Internet access.

I can use Skype to conference for free

Skype is great for small, quick conferences; however Skype has a participant maximum of 25 lines, and all users require Skype to use this facility. There is also the risk of having audio quality issues as their service is depended on the end users Internet connection. Read More.

Should I expect to sign a term contract?

No. Some providers, in exchange for a lower rate, may ask you to sign a contract locking you in for 1-3 years.Don’t sign it. Most companies have the same services, so shop around.

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