International Dial-In Numbers: What if the country I want isn't listed?

If we do not have the number listed on our global dial-in numbers page be sure to check our iNum service dial-in list.

If both services are unable to provide a dial-in solution in the short term we are unable to offer that as a method of joining a conference call. We do take requests and tally customer requests to add additional dial-in numbers to our current list.

Alterative options for countries without dial-in numbers:

  • Skype call to our Skype Account.
  • Dialout to the international number, see International Dialout Rates.
  • Participant calls closest dial-in number.

We try to expand our available numbers every so often as we invest in expanding our global reach. The countries we expand into are as a direct result of our customers requsting for local numbers in that country. These requests are tallied and reviewed, however they are not available in a moments notice.

Some of the things that can prohibit us from purchasing a number for a specifc country:

  • Local laws do not support globalisation of telephone numbers.
  • Restrictions requiring a local resident be assigned as the local country contact for the telephone number.
  • High cost of number leasing and price prohibitive without large customer demand.

Contact us to let us know the countries you wish us to expand into.

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