How to Create Your First Teleconference


 Timed conferences have a start time and an end time.

They allow for recording and inviting users to separate conferences.
- Normally used with customers for one off conferences.
- Also has recording option.

Non-timed conferences are open and available 24/7/365.
They don't allow for recording, but provide a single room number to distribute between staff members.
- Normally used for internal staff and regular meeting rooms.


Recurring Conferences allow for creating a conference with an end time, but scheduling it (daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc.) It retains the same conference number throughout the recurrence and allows for recording.
- Normally used for customers and staff as regular meeting rooms, with the protection that it's only available between the times you specify.

Invite system

We have a two type optional invite system.

This allows you to email participants informing them of the conference details and how to access the conference. The account owner will receive the email even if no participants are included in the email invite.
- This means you can edit the email and send through your own system if you wish. 

Our telephone invite system calls participants directly at the time of the conference. This option only works for direct numbers, such as home, mobile or direct office numbers. It requires the participant to accept the call by pressing the digit 1 on their telephone.

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